Building Hydraulic Services

Born out of a need to capture the numerous grey areas between Civil Engineering and Hydraulic Design, Building Hydraulic Services is fast becoming recognised as an innovative and economical force in the Hydraulic Design field.

BG Group has created a dynamic team passionate about providing clients with professional and innovative service, designed to maximise their project outcomes. Our engineers have worked across multiple sectors and regions and are adept in all forms of fluid reticulation and fire services.

Our hydraulics designers employ the very best in hydraulic technologies, to provide our clients with effective choices in relation to cost, installation or environmental footprint. We can provide full hydraulic design using modern solutions whilst keeping things simple.

Our Building Hydraulic Services include:

Design & Construction Support

• Sanitary sewerage and plumbing

• Trade waste

• Domestic cold and hot water

• Gas reticulation

• Fire hydrant and hose reel systems

• Roof and surface water collection

• Rainwater retention and distribution

• Backflow prevention

• Inspection and RFI’s

• As construction drawings