Building Services

Building services are fundamental components of the built form, providing the life of a building through thermal comfort and utility needs, making it habitable.

It is imperative building services are designed correctly considering all stakeholders, operational running costs, functionality and aesthetics.

Working with other design teams, the BG Group Building Services design expertise extends both across Australia and internationally, considering modern design philosophies, whole of life, high efficiency mechanical and electrical equipment, and wastage.

Our Building Services engineers are not fixated, remaining open minded as to solutions around affordability and other criteria. We have international experience so can bring a wide spectrum of expertise to the design team.

Mechanical Services

Whether we are designing for city or regional areas, we have experience for multiple mechanical services solutions considering different climates, humidities and regional challenges. Variable refrigerant volume, chilled water and hybrid systems, as well as ventilation and other specialist services are all within our capability, designed using the latest software technology, as well as BIM/REVIT drafting tools.

Our mechanical engineers are also registered by professional bodies across Australia.

Electrical Services

Our electrical engineers are adept at finding the right solution for lighting, power reticulation and specialist services and have experience across multiple market sectors, using the latest software technology available, as well as BIM/REVIT drafting tools. Our electrical engineers are also registered by professional bodies across Australia.

Hydraulic Services

We can provide full hydraulic design using modern solutions whilst keeping things simple.

Our engineers have worked across multiple sectors are regions and adept in all forms of fluid reticulation and fire services.