Davinci Business Park

The Da Vinci Business Park is located at Brisbane Airport, with 12 office & warehouse buildings.

FedEx, Qantas Drive

Corporate style commercial and industrial finishes with high quality commercial inclusions. 

757 Ann Street

BG Civil conducted a hydraulic analysis to determine the overland flow extents and effects on the proposed development.

H20 Southport

H20 Apartments consists of both residential and commercial towers located at Southport.  

Juers Street Units

Townhouse development consisting of 2 new dwellings and 2 existing character houses.

Kingsmill Chermside

Medium-Rise, Mixed Use Residential Complex.

Novotel Hotel

The Novotel Hotel at Brisbane Airport is a medium rise, short term accommodation development, comprising of 157 rooms and roof top terrace.


Throughout the design and construction phases of this project, BG Civil has worked closely with our Client and Contractor, Hutchinson Builders.

Burnett Heads Complex

BG Civil prepared the Bill of Quantities for civil related items, and provided support and advice during the construction phase of the development.


One significant aspect of this project was the large protected tree located near the centre of the development.


ABRA Industrial Warehouse – 3500m² of new warehouse and 360m² of office space.

Australian Air Express

The Development Application Phase of this project included the preparation of a Site Based Stormwater Management Report.


BG Civil was involved in all phases of this project, from the initial Development Application approvals, through to Operational Works and Construction.

Q – Steel

The Q-Steel Industrial Warehouse development contains 6155m² of new warehouse and 375m² of office space.


Originally forming part of the old Brisbane International Airport, the new DHL Distribution Centre is located on a 9,560m2 site.


This development consisted of a significant expansion to the existing school, involving a number of single and double storey buildings.

Mt Petrie State School

Set on a 19,500m² development site, Mount Petrie State School and Mount Gravatt Special School.


This development consisted of a significant expansion to the existing school.

Farm Street

This residential development consists of 12 units, over two stories.

Chermside Lathan Street

Townhouse Development consisting of 4 dwellings, on a 680m² site (approximately).

Mt Gravat Units

Whitey Place (Stage 2 & 3) is a low-rise townhouse development set over 3 stories.

Brendale Subdivision

Forty Park Avenue’s five residences, each occupying an entire level of the 6-storey building exhibit stunning north facing 180 degree views.

Caboolture Subdivision

One 2.3Ha site, subdivided into seven (7) new rural residential lots.

Chermside Subdivision

1 into 6 lot subdivision, plus road dedication for signalisation purposes, park dedication and access easements.

Kenmore Subdivision

100 lot Industrial Subdivision

Lybia Regatta Site

Redevelopment of the Regatta site in Tripoli, Libya.

Brisbane Domestic Terminal

Road redevelopment of the ISA taxi slip lanes at Brisbane Domestic Terminal, Brisbane Airport.