Civil Engineering

BG Group is committed to providing our clients with a professional and individually tailored engineering service, designed to maximise your project and include superior civil engineering services.

BG Group is an experienced Engineering practice with an enviable track record. We are currently involved with the design of numerous commercial, industrial and multi storey residential developments.

With combined skills and knowledge experience spanning over 30 years, our BG Group team prides themselves on their practical, up-to-date solutions and a thorough, helpful approach to civil contract management.

BG Group provide a broad spectrum of innovative engineering services: including:


  • Authority Engineering Code Compliance

  • Services, Works & Infrastructure

  • Site Based Stormwater Quantity

  • Site Based Stormwater Quality

  • Integrated Water Management

  • Erosion & Sediment Control

  • Filling & Excavation

  • Retention and Detention Systems

  • Overland Flow

  • Hydraulic Analysis

  • Flood Analysis


  • Operational Works Submissions

    • Erosion and Sediment Control

    • Bulk Earthworks and Volumes

    • Sewerage reticulation and treatment

    • Water Reticulation

    • Stormwater Drainage

    • Water Sensitive Urban Design

    • Urban & Rural Roads Design

    • Hardstand Design

    • Traffic Functional Layouts

    • Sign and Line Marking

    • Subdivision Design & Documentation

    • Vehicle Turning Movement

Contract Administration

  • Bill of Quantities

  • Tender Specifications

  • Contract Documents

  • Processing and Certification of Contractors Claims

  • Council Negotiations

  • Cost and Status Reporting