Ikea Warehouse

Address: 3511-3515 Pacific Highway, Slacks Creek QLD 4127 (Brisbane – A1)
Client: IKEA
Completion: 2012
Value: $12 Million
Work Category: New Facility
Services Activity: Structural Engineering
Commission Type: Design, Documentation & Construction Services


The IKEA EMPU (External Merchandise Pickup Unit) warehouse is spread over approximately 5600m2 of floor area and was built to provide additional warehousing capability for the nearby retail store.


A conventional steel portal frame structure was used to provide the building envelope above ground. Precast concrete panels were designed as perimeter walls to retain the fill beneath the elevated building slab on ground platform.


Being in a low lying flood prone area meant designing an elevated platform on top of poor subgrade.

A “deep impact” compaction method was specified to provide suitable subgrade compaction thereby enabling the subsequent imported fill to be placed without the need to pile the sub-structure and to limit potential building settlement.