Southpine Road Subdivision

Address: 133 Southpine Road, Brendale QLD (Brisbane – A1)
Client: Vanreit
Completion: Currently Under Construction
Value: Undisclosed
Work Category: Land Subdivision
Services Activity: Civil Engineering
Commission Type: Design, Documentation & Construction Services


10 lot Industrial Subdivision


Scope of works and primary activities included – Development Application Phase:

  • Site Based Stormwater Quantity and Quality reports,
  • Code compliance reporting,

Operational Works Phase:

  • Erosion and sediment control,
  • Bulk earthworks plan and sections,
  • Sewer reticulation plan and longitudinal sections,
  • Internal stormwater drainage plans and longitudinal sections,
  • Stormwater catchment plans denoting catchment boundaries for hydraulic services,
  • External stormwater drainage.