Lybia Regatta Masterplan

Address: Garyat Al-Maghreb Al-Arabi, Al-Kabir, Regatta, Tripoli, Libya
Client: Confidential
Completion: Project on hold due to civil unrest in Libya
Value: Undisclosed
Work Category: Land redevelopment
Services Activity: Civil Engineering
Commission Type: Master Planning


Redevelopment of the Regatta site in Tripoli, Libya.


BG Civil, in collaboration with the Brisbane Group was responsible for all civil aspects of this redevelopment, including:

  • Stormwater Management Reporting,
  • Road network layouts,
  • Bulk Earthworks,
  • Erosion and Sediment Control,
  • Rainwater harvesting systems.


The western coastal corridor of Tripoli is undergoing significant development. The attraction of this coastal area means a number of new luxury residential neighbourhoods are being developed. The planning and design for Regatta is cognisant of fitting in as one of a series of attractive residential environments designed particularly for expatriate residents. This Masterplan specifically considers the Palm City development and ensures a distinctive point of difference and attraction to that of Palm City – ensuring the sites can coexist and complement each other in catering to the widest range of expatriate resident needs, while the Regatta site remains as the preeminent residential site in Tripoli.

The location of the South Gheran Parkland immediately south of the Regatta site enhances the attraction of the Regatta site. The Regatta Masterplan will consider opportunities to utilise the visual amenity of the Parkland, with dual orientation of buildings in its south west corner – both southwards across the parkland, and northwards to the Mediterranean. The Regatta site, together with the North Gheran site, comprise a strategic landholding with significant impact on the functioning of the city. The proposed land uses and quantum of activity proposed means these two sites will have a strategic role in advancing the economic and social welfare of Tripoli. In this context, the Regatta site is ideally placed to function as a new priority residential community with:

  • Proximity and direct links with Central Tripoli,
  • Location on an arterial route,
  • Closer proximity to Tripoli international airport than central Tripoli,
  • Potential for residents of the site to easily access Tripoli’s new strategic green space network.