Logan Road Apartments

Address: 1566 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt (Brisbane – A1)
Client: Paxford Pty Ltd
Completion: Stage 2: Completed in 2013
Stage 3: Currently Under Construction
Value: Undisclosed
Work Category: New Facility
Services Activity: Civil Engineering
Commission Type: Design, Documentation & Construction Services


Low-rise residential development of approximately 76 townhouses, set on a site area of 9452m².


This site is located at the bottom of the Mount Gravatt Outlook Reserve, and therefore is located within a large overland flow path, catching water runoff from the Reserve. Careful planning of the driveway and road locations was required to ensure that the dwellings could be positioned on higher ground, above the flood level. A large drainage system was designed to pipe the overland flow underground, and away from the development, allowing the site to be developed to its maximum capacity.