Park Avenue Apartments

Address: 40 Park Avenue, East Brisbane QLD 4169 (Brisbane – A1)
Client: Jadecorp Property Development & Construction
Completion: 2009
Value: $6 million
Work Category: New Facility/ Addition
Services Activity: Structural Engineering
Commission Type: Design, Documentation & Construction Services


Forty Park Avenue’s five residences, each occupying an entire level of the 6-storey building exhibit stunning north facing 180 degree views. Being built on the river the views are guaranteed to never be built out, thereby securing the investment for the future.


All floor slabs and supporting columns were designed and constructed from reinforced concrete. Loadbearing walls were a mixture of precast concrete (on boundary), insitu concrete and concrete masonry for efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Due to the proximity to the river, the basement floor slab and perimeter retaining walls had to be designed to resist considerable hydrostatic forces.

The perimeter retaining wall was constructed as a reinforced concrete diaphragm wall which was able to be installed from the natural ground level in the soft marine clays without collapsing.

Deep driven piles were installed to carry the building loads and to prevent differential settlement.