Structural Engineering

The BG Group team is made up of experienced and recognised engineers who manage the balance between cost, functionality and aesthetics.

Working in close cooperation and partnership with our clients, utilising the latest in engineering software and technology, we ensure specific project objectives are achieved.

BG Group assists their clients through the transition from design to construction and handles all construction phase queries and design variations.

Our Structural Engineering services include:


  • Reinforced Concrete Construction (Insitu and Precast)

  • Steel Framed Construction

  • Steel and Concrete Composite Construction

  • Masonry

  • Timber

  • Structural Aluminium

  • Post-tensioned and Pre-stressed Structures

  • Space Frames

  • Industrial pavement design

We offer analysis and design of dynamically sensitive or critical structures and all of our design is fully supported with structural analysis design tools and aids.

Construction Support

Following the completion of the analysis and design phase, our structural division’s construction team provides effective and efficient assistance throughout the construction phase. We furnish our clients with any requested design variations and site inspections as required as well as valuable, ongoing engineering advice.